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Born and raised in Rishikesh, Mansi has worked with Reuters as a photojournalist covering important news events and working on stories highlighting gender-related issues. Mansi's long term projects tend to capture the nuances of intimate spaces inhabited by women around her. 

Having completed her Bachelor's in Political Science from Delhi University in 2009, she went to Jamia Millia Islamia (MCRC) to study Photography and Visual Communication. Recently, she finished her Master's degree in Performance Studies from  Ambedkar University, 2016-2018. 

She is currently based out of New Delhi and Rishikesh.

• Received Hope Françoise Demulder Photography Grant, 2014  

  •  Selected for Photo Boite 30 Under 30 female photographers, France 2016

• Received honorable mention in FotoVisura Grant, USA 2016

• Featured in SUR International Journal for Human Rights, Brazil 2015

• Exhibited at Indian Photography Festival, Hyderabad 2015

• Exhibited at Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia, 2015

• Exhibited at Delhi Photo Festival, India, 2015

• Work published in New york times, Time Magazine, Time Lightbox, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, Wall street journal, The Guardian, Washington Post, BBC, Telegraph, UOL, Globe and mail, Boston Globe, Stern, The Atlantic, Paris Match, MSNBC.